The WRC Fall, Winter and Spring semester hours are. From 8am till 10pm Mon thru Fri, and on 10am till 5pm Sat and Sun. Note: About tutor sessions on Sat and Sun access to Proficiency Exams is not guaranteed during weekend hours. The Summer semester hours are from 10am till 6pm Mon Thru Fri and on weekends we are closed. General Info: 212-592-2657 |

How To Access Your PE Results:

Step 1) Log in at myservices.sva.edu Step 2) Click: Student Planning. Step 3) At the top of the page, click on the Student Planning dropdown menu, and select Test Summary. Your Proficiency Exam score will be listed. 1 = Pass. 2 = Fail. 3 = Exempt. Please Note: Results will be posted approximately 7-10 days following exam. ACCESS YOUR PE RESULTS HERE


Tutor Schedule

Come to the Writing Resource Center during regular tutoring hours and sign in at the reception desk. Walk-in students will be seen during times when no appointments are scheduled. Students are limited to one tutor reservation per week; if more sessions are needed, students should make walk-in appointments by signing in at the reception desk on the day of the tutoring. Note: About tutor sessions on Sat and Sun-access to Proficiency Exams is not guaranteed during weekend hours. TUTORING HOURS

Tutor Online Reservation

Any SVA student can use our online reservation system to make an appointment with a writing tutor. If you prefer to work with an ESL specialist, you can choose an IWS writing consultant, or you can reserve time with a regular WRC tutor. Walk-in appointments are available without reservations on a first-come/first-served basis. Note: About tutor sessions on Sat and Sun-access to Proficiency Exams is not guaranteed during weekend hours. ONLINE RESERVATION

PE Time & Dates • Sample • Q & A

First year students and transfer students enrolled in HCD 1020 (Writing and Literature) will take the P. E. in their classes during Exam Week. Students who matriculated in the Fall and who have not passed the PE, will be unable to register for H & S electives until they pass the P.E. ProficiencyExam QuestionsAnswers


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The exploration and expression of ideas at SVA is not limited to the visual arts. The Writing Resource Center helps our students develop skills they need to convey their ideas clearly, creatively, and analytically... More?


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